SPEZIA: Every Ride-Amplified

We’ve created a new hallmark in
all-around high-performance road riding...
and it comes fully integrated.

Explore the New Spezia

Litespeed Road is our legacy—but in the hands of the industry’s most creative craftsmen, road is now… and the future.

We built our venerable name on the backs of Tour stage victories and criterium wins. Today we continue to push the envelope in titanium road bike technology, with bikes that easily carry you up alpine switchbacks, with confident handling over gravel terrain or roads, and with lung-searing speed around the corner. Whether you’re pinned up for race day or simply out for a day with friends on the weekend group ride, the perfect expression on two wheels awaits.

From that signature Litespeed titanium road experience to bespoke anodizing and build options that coalesce into your dream road ride, scroll down to explore what makes Litespeed titanium road bikes the perfect ride… for whatever roads awaits you.

Chat with our team and ask us about stem length, bar width, crank length, gearing, and tire spec that are best for you!