Titanium-Tough for the trails

Getting there is all the fun. Carve a tight path through the trees. Power big distances. Carry speed across a rolling ridgeline. Any trail—in any conditions the Pinhoti III brings with it the toughness titanium is known for.


More Confidence, More Agility, More Comfort, More Fun.

We’ve updated the geometry from the original Pinhoti to deliver confidence that allows you to go with open, reckless abandon. Tubeset shaping enhances comfort for the long ride. As trail riding has evolved, our engineers got more creative, and did a complete makeover, modernizing our signature trail model….and as ever, delivered it in painstakingly handcrafted titanium.

Stay Loose: Ft. the Pinhoti III

Outfitted For Trail Adventures
And Races.

Whether you’re looking at marathon race day or a day of carving the trail with friends, or anything in between, the new Pinhoti III will take your ride day experience to the next level. Playing on the trails have never been so fun.

Litespeed Ambassador, Matt Schweiker, can attest to the Pinhoti III’s ability as he added the Tour Divide to his already impressive bikepack racing resume and made the jaunt, finishing 22nd overall in a wildly impressive 18 days, 12 hours, and 23 minutes.

We caught up with him, with the race still fresh in his mind, for a full download on his half-month ride across the country.

Read: Matt's Tour Divide Story

Hardtail Efficiency

With the titanium taking up the high-frequency vibrations, the Pinhoti III has pure hardtail power transfer with every pedal stroke.

CNC-Machined Titanium Chainstay Yoke.

The Pinhoti III’s asymmetric dropped chainstay yoke allows for increased tire and chainring clearance.

Modern Geometry

Updated for more confident handling in all conditions, from technical control to high-speed navigation in tight quarters.

Performance Gains

Tube Shaping Designed for
Trail Smashing

The Pinhoti III gains a whole new range of tube shaping. From curves of the downtube and seattube, to the subtle shaping along the stays, all tubesets have been updated in the interest of performance gains, namely greater vibration damping capacity. The Pinhoti III’s compliance will help keep you at your freshest, on even your longest days of ardent trail smashing.

Versatile Machine

Designed and Built for the
Next Trail

To accommodate a wide range of tire and chainring clearance, the Pinhoti III employs an asymmetric dropped chainstay receiving a striking new CNC-machined titanium chainstay yoke. And it gets tons of special touches, including an updated dropper post cable integration port.


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