Industry-leading Design. Handcrafted Heirloom Quality. The Best in Titanium. All for You.

Choosing a titanium gravel, road, mountain or city bike can be perplexing, but we want to make it easy. We bring a level of unparalleled experience, technological advantage, custom capability and heirloom quality that no one can match. Litespeed riders always remember their first ride. We want you to have that experience, too.

Handcrafted For You—Everyday Since 1986

Litespeed is still the independent builder it’s been since we began in 1986. From raw tubes to the bike of your dreams, every Litespeed is meticulously handcrafted in our Chattanooga, Tenn. factory using globally sourced premium materials, by a team of experienced builders that pride themselves in precise detail. With small-business attention to detail and big-business pricing advantage, Litespeed creates the bike of people’s dreams, every day.

Cutting Edge Technology & Unmatched Quality

Simple round-tubed bikes result in a simple ride. Litespeed is the unequivocal leader in highly-advanced, performance-driven design in titanium. Our ability to deliver targeted stiffness, compliances or aerodynamics, exactly where it’s wanted through cutting edge tube shaping, results in a bike that’s visually striking, but moreover performs in a superlative manner on road or trail. Our leading-edge capabilities is why NASA chose Litespeed as its titanium technology partner for the Curiosity Rover—and why you should, too.

The Best Bike At The Best Price: Direct To You Savings

We offer the opportunity to buy directly from us. With no middleman markup, we pass the savings on to you, providing you with more bike for your buck. With an easy 30-minute assembly, you’ll be on the roads or trails on your new Litespeed in no time.

Build Your Bike—Your Way

From components to wheels, Litespeed offers a greater variety of build options than any other titanium brand. Add frame finish and decal color customization, and the difference is clear: there’s no other bike built the way you want than a Litespeed.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Litespeed is with you every step of the way. From fit questions to customizing your Litespeed to easy build once it's at your doorstep, our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts is on hand to talk over the phone or through our online live chat feature. They love to ride and talk bikes. Our connection to you is our accountability to you. We're here to help get you rolling... every day!

Titanium Brand Comparison

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