Tube Shaping Advantage

Our titanium tubing manipulation technologies lead the industry, and one only has to see the shape of our tubes to realize the difference. While using lesser quality tubesets makes a bike easier to work and shape, or cheaper to produce, it’s never been our philosophy instead our titanium tubesets are cold-worked, meaning that we shape the tubesets to achieve targeted performance gains, all without sacrificing tubeset strength or adding weight to compensate. The result is a frame that is not only visually striking but also performs better on the road or trails than any other titanium bike on the market.

Make Your Litespeed... Yours

Our ability to make an incredible bike is clear. But our ability to adjust it in a way to make it yours is a shining aspect of Litespeed bikes. And that can mean just about anything. From the addition of special water bottle boss locations to the choice of decal, etching, or anodizing, we make the Litespeed that matches your personal style and needs. We also present a wide range of component, wheelset, headset, and other upgrade options. When it comes to your Litespeed, anything is impossible.

Titanium Small Parts, Big Difference

It isn't just the tubes that make Litespeed the best. Rather than outsourcing or using cheap aluminum inserts, we house-machine every small part on our bikes in our factory, using raw titanium billet or tubes. From butted bottom brackets and headtubes that carve weight from our dropouts, or the aesthetic touch on our titanium headbadges, we have the ability to measure and control the accuracy of every piece that goes into our bikes-no matter how small. And it's that attention to detail on even the smallest part, that allows a Litespeed to perform better and achieve lower frame weights than any other.

6AL/4V Titanium Mastery

Use of 6AL/4V titanium in bikes is exceedingly rare; it's difficult to manage, yet delivers more stiffness and weight savings than any other type of titanium. We not only feature it in the top tube of our flagship models Spezia and Toscano, we construct it in a uniquely special way. Handcrafted from a flat sheet into a tubeset, our 6AL/4V sheet top tube is lighter than a standard tube yet delivers greater tensile strength and lateral stiffness. The result is increased rigidity when climbing or sprinting, and stands as a testament to Litespeed's relentless (and unmatched) pursuit of performance advancement.

Modern Design

It’s in the Details

Whether it’s dropped chainstays and custom-made titanium yokes for necessary tire clearance, SpeedRelease dropouts, or modern fully-internal cable routing options, we give our customers the best design with the lastest compatibility and technology.

Made In-House

We build all our frames in-house from our Chattanooga, Tenn. factory. We have the ability to make fine-tuned adjustments easily and with the latest technology. Litespeed is quick to employ the most cutting-edge designs and features.

Constantly Cutting-Edge

Always at the forefront of design and technology, our engineers are constantly designing for the way cyclists ride today. Litespeed riders are always on the newest tech—first.

Performance With Style—Exquisitely Addictive

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