A Legacy Forged in TN
A Lifetime of Incredible Rides

Over 35 years ago, we began to hear from cyclists who wanted a bike that was strong and durable—yet light and agile. It was a tall order, but our team of designers was up for the challenge.

While the rest of the cycling industry delved into many of the same bike-building processes from ages before, a new breed of bikes was born in Chattanooga, Tenn. We discovered a new way to work with titanium, to extract all the finest features from this incredible material. We were able to harmonize the elements of stiffness, comfort, and weight savings, all in a bike with both remarkable durability and an incredible lifespan. The result was a new and exciting cycling experience: the Litespeed titanium experience.


Titanium Innovation - On Earth And In Space

Litespeed has been synonymous with technologically progressive frame designs and unmatched tubeset shaping capacity. So much so, in fact, that we were sought for our expertise and commissioned to help NASA develop critical titanium components for the Mars Rover, Curiosity.

Having received the high honor to assist with such a key element in universe exploration continues to inspire our team to press the envelope in designing and building the most technologically progressive performance-driven titanium bikes in the world.

1986 - Today

Litespeed's Cold-Worked Advantage

Our tubing manipulation technologies lead the industry, and one only has to see the shape of our tubes to realize the difference. While using lesser quality tubesets makes a bike easier to work and shape, or cheaper to produce, it’s never been our way.

Instead, our titanium tubesets are cold-worked; we shape the tubesets to achieve targeted performance gains, all without sacrificing tubeset strength or adding weight to compensate. Our cold-working capacity is without peer.

The result is a frame that is not only visually striking, but also performs better on the road or trails than any other titanium bike on the market, with increased stiffness where needed, improved aerodynamics and increased damping where desired. Our cold-working capacity is what makes our bikes stand out from the rest.

2002 - Today

Tour Caliber Bikes, Ready For Your Local Kom's

In 2002, Australian Robbie McEwen put the competitive advantages that Litespeed titanium delivers on display for the world to see. Sprinting to an incredible 17 race victories that season—including two stage wins and the green points jersey at the Tour de France—aboard his Litespeed Ultimate, he proved Litespeed’s capacity to create bikes light, stiff, and aero enough to win the biggest races out there. And that doesn’t even account for the many ProTour and one-day classics victories earned on Litespeed bikes, rebadged by other brands.

On the trails, we’ve proven our mettle as well, with bikes light and strong enough to carry Canadian Geoff Kabush to an Olympic appearance in Beijing in 2008 aboard his Ocoee, as well as earn him several cross-country mountain bike national titles. Even deeper into our history, we helped pilot John Tomac to a UCI cross-country world championship crown in 1991 aboard a special titanium/carbon creation.

Off the race course, where the ride is less about competing, and more about time with friends, we’ve developed trail mountain bikes and gravel machines designed for play. Where exploration and fun—as well as that ice-cold post-ride beverage with your pals—are the priority, Litespeed has a ride designed to maximize the fun factor.

Today, riders everywhere are celebrating their own victories, at every level. Despite our pro-level accolades, we’re just as inspired by riders like you, our peers, with whom we share the road and trail. Whether it’s the local stage race, a mountain bike marathon, a gran fondo, a gravel epic or just a weekend café rollout with friends on local roads or trails, our versatile, performance-driven bikes are engineered to deliver pro-level performance.


Proudly Made In Tennessee*

We’ve maintained our exacting quality and design standards by building a talented team here in Chattanooga, Tennessee—and keeping it intact. The folks who brought our current flagship model—the T1sl—to life, are the same visionaries who designed, developed and produced our original (and some would say legendary) lineup of models.

Over the years, we’ve continued to innovate, using our accumulated knowledge to deliver to you the best ride experience possible… all made in Tennessee*

*Using globally sourced premium materials.

Bikes That Improve With Age

Many products today are deemed “consumable” made with limited life span, they’re expected to wear out or become obsolete in order to continue to facilitate the next model. At Litespeed, we eschew that philosophy. We hear all the time from people who have been riding their Litespeed for a decade or more. And that makes us prouder than any award can.

Ultimately, our titanium bikes are much like your favorite pair of leather boots; heirloom quality, and built to last. Whether it’s a 10-year-old Vortex, a T1SL fresh off the factory floor or anything in between, every Litespeed is conceptualized, engineered and built to perform… for decades.

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