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Connect with your ride—on any surface—in a refined, exhilarating manner that you’ve never experienced before.

From gravel to the mid-ride coffee at the trattoria, the Toscano is a new frontier in riding pleasure and performance, engineered to push the envelope, every time.

The Litespeed Advantage

Build Your Bike - Your Way

From the addition of special water bottle boss locations to the choice of decal, etching, or anodizing, we make the Litespeed that matches your personal style and needs. We also present a wide range of component, wheelset, headset, and other upgrade options. When it comes to your Litespeed, anything is impossible.

We Ship Direct-To-You

Through our easy-to-use website, you can build the exact bike you want from the comfort of your living room. Litespeed customers get the best savings possible without added markup expenses. It’s all delivered right to your door, ready to ride in minutes.

Incredible Customer Service

Buying a new bike can be overwhelming. Our team of experts makes it easy, walking you through the process and answering all your questions—no matter how big or small. From understanding components and cosmetic options to mechanical support at select events, we ensure a comfortable, pressure-free process from start to finish.

"It’s responsive and lively no
matter if we are racing up or
down the mountain. It’s very
balanced at all speeds."

-Cycling Tips

"I don’t know whether to
compliment the bike or the
customer service more."

-Michael F.

"It’s exactly what I was looking
for in a go-to bike."

-Tom H.

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