Bike companies sponsor events, right? That’s their role; make the goods, support events. Stay in your lane and leave it to the experts to put on the epic gravel rides and races, from SBT GRVL high up in the Rockies to the iconic Flint Hills of Unbound on the unmaintained farming backroads of Kansas. At least, that’s how it’s been for years.

But what if a bike company put on its own event? Why would a company do that? Why even bother?

Why indeed.

Enter ENVE Composites and its late June event called Grodeo—its sixth annual. If you’ve been in cycling for a bit, you’ll know ENVE as an industry leader. A manufacturer of carbon fiber wheels, handlebars, stems, and forks, ENVE is one of the most sought-after aftermarket suppliers, with a reputation for lightweight, proven aerodynamics in their wheels, and durability. ENVE manufactures its goods—from wheels to handlebars to stems—right there at its Ogden factory headquarters. They supply to the UAE Team Emirates and the recent Giro d’Italia champ Tadej Pogacar, who joins his team this July to take part in another Tour de France title shot. ENVE has won road, gravel, and triathlon events worldwide.


It’s that proven track record that makes ENVE one of Litespeed’s key partners, with the company’s wheels and InRoute cockpit/stem/fork featured prominently on Litespeed road and gravel build options on our website. The best, built with the best. No other way, really.

But events? I mean, what even is a Grodeo?

It’s a damn good time.

Grodeo started in 2019 as a small industry gathering, a chance for ENVE’s collective of distributors and partners to gather at the company’s expansive headquarters, check out some of the company’s newest goods, and go for a ride around ENVE’s Utah stomping grounds along the Wasatch mountain range, just north of Salt Lake City. Some media tagged along to gawk at and report on the handmade bikes that were on show in what amounted to a Wild West gallery of handcrafted bikes of all kinds, from around the country and the world. Titanium, steel, carbon—if it was handmade and built with a complement of ENVE’s wares, it was considered for the annual ENVE Round-Up showcase. What started as a brand exercise became a full-on “thing.”

In its sixth year, Grodeo has grown from a small invite-only industry event to a full-on weekend happening; an industry meeting, a media gathering, and a public event, drawing riders from around the region to ride a fun gravel event that is less of a race, and more of a fun ride. And this year, Litespeed earned a coveted invite to join builders from six countries to not just attend but also place a model in the Grodeo Round-Up.

Our choice? The Toscano FI gravel bike, outfitted in Shimano’s new GRX 12-speed 2X groupset and appointed with an ENVE InRoute cockpit and fork and ENVE AG28 carbon fiber wheels. In a sea of gorgeous handmade bikes, the Toscano truly shone. That 6AL/4V sheet-formed top tube was an eye-popper for those cruising the showcase, and the elegantly shaped frame tubes and externally-scalloped bottom bracket and head tube, all finished with a Blue Torch Fade color anodizing, were classic, racy, and sexy.


“Grodeo is our favorite week of the year,” said ENVE marketing director Neil Shirley. “It's not only an opportunity to showcase our athletes, the amazing riding in the Wasatch Mountains, and the ENVE facilities, but it's also a time when we can showcase our partners. Having Litespeed in attendance this year was the perfect alignment between their U.S.-made titanium frames and ENVE.”

The weekend? Perfect. ENVE welcomed retailers in for a bit of a sneak peek of coming new goodies. Media and partners were invited on hourly tours of the ENVE factory, where they could drink in the bikes, and ask our team on hand details about how the Toscano is made, how Litespeed’s tubes are shaped so differently and more aggressively than any other titanium bike manufacturer, and just get a better understanding of the care that goes into making the best titanium bike in the world.

Like a cycling version of the Louvre, the ENVE Builder’s Round-Up on Thursday and Friday drew admirers for the two days bikes were on show. Road, gravel, and mountain bikes—even a TT bike, made the grade. All day, ENVE plied visitors with food and beverages, and the talk was about… bikes. ENVE wrapped the day Friday with the Trackline Time Trial, a four-minute, full sprint effort through a glorified BMX track that wound through the trees alongside the ENVE headquarters… with riders met with blasts from two kids with water shotguns at the finish. It was the perfect big-ride taper, with big laughs.

Saturday? We took part in a good ol’ fashioned Grodeo.

The big finale for the weekend was the Grodeo; the company’s pride and joy gravel event. ENVE’s Ogden, Utah location (just a half-hour drive north of Salt Lake City) sees it nestled against the foothills of the Wasatch Mountain Range. Known for broken, ragged terrain that bites, the Wasatch range is a favorite for mountain bikers and gravel riders. To keep the experience manageable, just a few hundred riders would take off on the Full Bull.

The day was a challenge; with several thousand feet of vertical gain, the terrain took riders up exposed switchback fire roads, across beautiful meadows backdropped by snowcapped peaks in the distance. Across bombed-out access roads, up loose babyhead singletrack, and down tree-flanked singletrack. There was loose-over-hard gravel. There was technical loose rock. There was even shale. (And there was even a bit of pavement). Add 108-degree F temps and a high point over 7,100 ft above sea level, and riders were happy to leave race mode to the races.

And that was such a welcome experience; a ride that was more ride, less race. Riders took as much time as they needed at ENVE’s multiple aid stations to ensure they were set with the hydration and nutrition they needed. (And some of that nutrition came in the blessed form of Red Vines, Skittles, and those little Coca-Cola cans.) Groups set off to ride together, with zero interest in pushing the pace.

It was just a good time gravel ride. At the finish? Stories. Food. Cattle troughs full of cold drinks. And a finisher’s medal unlike any other: a sheriff’s badge; heavy and shiny. Because for all those that took part, there’s a new sheriff in town, cowboy. All thanks to ENVE, who proved you can make great bike components and make a great ride.