Titanium mountain bikes ready to hit the trails.

The trails are your solace. How you ride them? That’s your expression. Your pleasure. Your joy.

And that could be anything. Maybe it’s a weekend rip with friends on our full-suspension Nolichucky. A surgical singletrack XC run on our Pinhoti hardtail. Or a big day of comfort and full-suspension control riding in the thin air of Leadville aboard the Unicoi. 

All our handcrafted titanium mountain bikes represent the purest ride experience on the trails… no matter what your definition of

mountain bike nirvana looks like. Because that’s totally up to you. Be the one that surprises others with your titanium ride. 

Questions about our full range of cross country, trail and enduro bikes? Looking to customize a build to make it yours? Call us: we’re here to help you get dusty and find nirvana on two wheels.