The Toscano

The pursuit of perfection—a smooth interface with the road,
a powerful procession over gravel—for the best ride
you’ve ever experienced.

Explore the New Toscano

Take the unknown road. 

Litespeed’s history has set the standard in the titanium gravel category. As today’s gravel rider pushes the envelope, we’ve come to a conclusion: there’s no way to define it. Gravel riding is the feeling of hearing nothing but the leaves crackling under your tires. It’s the breathless exhilaration of the race. It’s a reflective drink by the creek. It’s the solitude of a 10-hour midwestern epic, or a lazy two-hour fireroad cruise with friends.

Regardless your pull to gravel, wide, groomed fireroads, serpentine paved climbs and singletrack descent beckon, pull at your every fiber. Will you heed their siren call? With comfort and speed, Litespeed—one of the first true titanium gravel bike builders in the country—takes you to places where there are no restrictions.

Whether you ride gravel to explore, live to tie on a race number for an unforgettable gravel epic, or simply love to get rowdy and kick up dust with friends, our range of titanium gravel bikes and frames are tailor-made to tackle it all in comfort, style and raw speed. Get out, explore, and find the thing you never knew was there: versatile ride freedom. When the road ends… your Litespeed gravel experience into the unknown truly begins.

Reach out to us today; we can accommodate most any request, and our team is ready to help you assemble your Litespeed gravel bike—designed and handcrafted to your every whim.