It’s remarkable that in a year we gave up so much, we as cyclists could gain something tangible to take away from it. And yet, we did.

Many of us will be oh so happy to put 2020 in the rear view mirror. Races were pretty menial in the context of things; life was put on hold, creating a time like no other we’ve experienced. (Can you say Zoom meetings and classes?)

But we still needed that outlet of clarity. So on went the helmet, out the door we went,  onto the roads and trails to gain some context.

And that simple act made every Litespeed a machine for clarity. We were so proud to handcraft those machines and provide adventure, curiosity in a unique time when it was so important to keep, as they say, the wheels spinning.

Watia Gravel Bike detail images

Last year, with solo adventures at the forefront, we were thrilled to debut our most progressive gravel bike yet: the Watia. Feedback from the media who’ve ride tested it indicate they’ve been thrilled, with more reviews arriving to your mailbox in the coming months. We’re incredibly proud to be part of advancing the gravel category with designs, features and handling that live up to the Litespeed name in every way, and the Watia is our newest culmination in that neverending goal.

Cherohala City performance commuter bike detail images

And with so many eschewing public transport in favor of commuting by bike, we were proud to debut the quintessential commuting machine: the Cherohala City. Going by bike never looked so good.

With the new year comes new inspiration… a hope that we’ll soon return to cold morning rollouts with friends, post ride chatter at the café, and all the things that make the cycling community just that—a community. Here’s to 2021 and the possibility it brings!



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