That was fast, eh?

As we roll into the new year, we look back at an epic 2022. When we weren’t at the design table in Chattanooga, we were out at the races with you. From Unbound to BWR San Diego to SBT GRVL and more, we were there providing complimentary mechanical service to Litespeed athletes and keeping the stoke high.

So what else was going on in 2022 for Litespeed?

The Ultimate G2 Debuts

Our biggest debut of the year was the newest model to the Litespeed line. There’s no better place to play in the blazing hot gravel category than on the race course, and no better titanium performer than the Ultimate G2.

New Interlocked Dropped Seatstays and the use of a chainstay yoke allows for huge tire clearance; up to 48mm, as well as the capability to run 650b wheels for those that like to get rowdy on even rougher terrain. Add a longer front center (paired with a shorter stem), and the bike has all the demands of today’s gravel rider and racer; precise handling, engineering performance advantages, and all the durability that titanium is known for.

Road Bike Action took it out to test race at Mammoth Tuff gravel race in California, and said  “the triple triangle design is as utilitarian as it is eye-catching.” You can read more here:

Litespeed Ultimate G2

Matt Schweiker: Pinhoti III and the Silk Road 

We knew we had talented riders in our own backyard here in Chattanooga, Tenn. We didn’t know we had a bikepacking ace until we saw the relays from the famed Silk Road Mountain Race. This unsupported multi-day race through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan is one of the most epic events in all of cycling.

Schweiker loaded up his Pinhoti III for the mid-August event, a 1,180-mile traverse. He battled old Soviet doubletrack dirt roads, singletrack, huge mountain passes, and—as he recalls—the challenges of finding a good meal.

“I remember the hardest thing was finding good calories,” he recalls. “I would ride into a tiny town, go to the house, and ask if they would cook some food for me; and I don’t know if they didn’t understand, but I couldn’t get a simple cooked meal of chicken and ended up having to eat Russian crackers for dinner some nights.”

Despite dealing with a day being sick and the rigors of the terrain, he finished a remarkable 51st. Hear more about Matt’s escapade (and check out his Litespeed Pinhoti III loadout for the race) right here:
 LS Year In Review: Matt Schweiker Silk Road

ALL the colors!

For years, the design was the star. With a simple black decal or the tastefully understated etched finish, Litespeed was a classic. But we knew everyone wanted a twist of personalization in their ride. So in 2022, we threw in a splash of color!

At the beginning of the year, we debuted TiDize, our own in-house color anodizing. With Royal Blue, Purple, Skye Blue, and Natural Gold, we added classic color tones to our entire range of gravel, road, and mountain bikes

When we debuted the Ultimate G2 in the late summer, we also ushered in more color options: the brilliant and beautiful Ceramic Color Coating, added to the frame logo, headset, and seat collar for a unified look. We filled it out even more with a wild array of colors, from neon pink to yellow, mint to petrol, in a new range of color decal options. If you ever wanted to add a bit of your own style to your Litespeed, 2022 finally brings it to you.

 LS Year In Review: Cerakote

The Legacy Continues

What’s in store for us next year? We’re always testing, developing, designing, and working. We’ll be out at all the key events next year, providing that personal attention to your Litespeed and getting it ready for race day. As it was when we started in 1986, we’re right there for you… and look forward to seeing you on the course in 2023.