Written by Michael Eichinger from Austria

While cycling is still allowed in Austria during the COVID-19 lockdown, there are now certain restrictions we're expected to follow:

  1. Do it alone - no group rides.
  2. Ride safely and with an intensity that does not weaken your immune system.
  3. Don't use public transport - start your ride from home.

The situation is precarious - the infection statistics currently show about 4,900 confirmed cases and the number increases daily. I am very happy that I don't live in the city and have the ability to go out into nature. At least I have the fields and the forest right outside my front door.

The good thing is that I can always get on my Litespeed Gravel and ride into the forest; where I am not a danger to other people, and I do not endanger myself. All alone, just my bike, the nature and me.

One of the big problems concerning the ongoing training is that nobody knows if races can take place this summer. This does not necessarily make training easy and does not really boost motivation.

I aim to keep fit. If I don't have the ability to ride my bike outside, I do various workouts indoors or ride my indoor trainer. During this time, it is highly important to look after your own health, adapt to the situation and wait and see.

Stay safe and take care of yourself!

Michael Eichinger: Staying Fit During Lockdown