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For more than a quarter century, Litespeed has been committed to building the best-riding bicycles from the highest quality materials. As one of the first brands to recognize and capture the magic of titanium, we’ve been innovating since day one.

Along the way, Litespeed has proudly sponsored numerous professional teams and high-level athletes with distinctive, winning rides. In fact, our manufacturing expertise is so revered within the industry that we’ve been asked to produce titanium road and mountain bikes for some of cycling’s most historic and respected brands.

Always willing to take giant leaps instead of small steps, we jumped headfirst in 2010 into the carbon market with an aerodynamic road frame. It was radical, one of the first of its kind -- and the industry followed suit.

Then, in 2012, Litespeed’s command of titanium manufacturing and dedication to using premium, aerospace-grade materials led NASA to contract us for assistance building the Mars rover “Curiosity.” The partnership sparked a renewed interest in both cycling and space exploration, fields that were seemingly unrelated until now.

However, the greatest part of our journey has been our transformation into a global lifestyle brand. Cyclists all over the world trust Litespeed bikes to put a smile on their face. As a leader in titanium and composite technology, we’re proud to see our hard work reaching every road, trail and Strava segment.

Because no matter why you ride, your passion is our passion.

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