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For cyclists who enjoy the trail, the right bike is essential. The 2018 Pinhoti Mountain Bike now come in two varieties, making them a good choice for adventurous riders.

Dating back to 1986, a Tennessee machine shop decided to use leftover aerospace-grade materials to craft a better bike. These Litespeed Titanium bikes were the forerunners to today’s Pinhoti Mountain Bikes. Each bike is handmade, controlling for error in all elements of the final design. The result is a mountain bike like no other.

Binhoti SL

To create this bike, Litespeed’s original Pinhoti design utilizes agile cross-country geometry. The lightweight frame holds the ground with 29-inch wheels. It was named after a 300-mile trail that runs from Alabama through Georgia. To create a stiff, light frame, the Titanium utilizes 6AL-4V blend. Riders will find this precision-welded frame to be a mobile work of art that aids them on the trail. With its plus-sized tires, the Pinhoti SL won’t have trouble making it up an incline. Traveling downhill, cyclists will appreciate a smoother ride from its large air-volume tires.

Pinhoti Boost

To create the Boost, the top tube includes 3 percent aluminum. The vanadium content in the bike drops from four percent to 2.5 percent. The final blend is 3AL/2.5V. It costs less to make this bike, and it brings the price down to suit more cyclists. Litespeed engineers spaced the hubs differently, creating a new wheel size. The Shimano Di2 drivetrain has 11 electronic speeds. A mobile phone app lets users program it to respond to their personal style. Agile steering and grippy tires combine for better cornering. For decent stops, the Pinoti has XT brakes. These are designed to have a one-finger, tool-free adjustment.

A better trail adventure starts with the right bike for the job. Check out the 2018 Pinhoti SL and Pinhoti Boost from Litespeed.

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