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The latest mountain bikes are engineered to provide plenty of leverage for handling various terrains. Litespeed is a world leader in designing and manufacturing lightweight and durable bikes for all skill levels. Read on to learn more about some of the brand's top bikes.

Litespeed Pinhoti Boost

Having a tough titanium frame, the Litespeed Pinhoti Boost is ready to take on any mountain terrain. This versatile bike has been engineered to withstand some of the roughest obstacles that you may encounter on diverse landscapes worldwide. The patented Deore XT technology defines the brakes, cassette, derailleurs and shifters. Having a wide design compared to previous generations, the axles provide greater stability on uneven and jagged surfaces. A slight elevation in the seat also contributes to better handling on gravel, dirt, mud and rocks.

Litespeed M1

Part of the Litespeed M-Series, the M1 mountain bike has a stiff and durable frame that's made of carbon with the 24T grade. For its affordable price, this model has a high-performance design that provides beginners with tremendous leverage on any course. The headset includes the Cane Creek 40 Series technology that's optimized for the ultimate durability in tough conditions. The Shimano 105 mechanism is integrated into the shifters, front and rear derailleurs. Keeping aerodynamics in mind, the designers at Litespeed incorporated a unique down tube for the water bottle. Additionally, the PF30 BB has universal compatibility with crank components that are suitable for mountain bikers with limited experience.

Litespeed C1

The Litespeed C1 is one of the premier models in the C-Series of mountain bikes. Designed to reduce aerodynamic drag at fast speeds, the AeroLogic technology defines the design of several tubes and the seat post. This patented technology is particularly helpful at high elevations that have strong wind gusts and sudden bursts of precipitation. The frame of the Litespeed C1 is made of lightweight carbon fiber with the 30T classification. Relatively hollow by modern standards, the innovative frame is impressively rigid and robust. From the shifters and crank to the chain and brakes, you'll see the Shimango Ultegra technology at its best.

Are you ready to select your next mountain bike? Then come give us a visit! We have a wide selection of the latest Litespeed models for beginners.

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