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Wahoo climbing the Eurobikeshow

Wahoo had invited the media to its booth for a launch event at 10am of Eurobike day one.

Their staff was totally excited and Wahoo Fitness CEO, Chip Hawkins, was very proud of what was being unveiled some minutes later.

Wahoo KICKR CLIMB fair ground attraction

Ingo Urban, Wahoo Fitness Sales and Marketing Director for German-speaking countries, jumped on the bike that was fitted to the new Wahoo KICKR 3 (2017) smart trainer at the drivetrain, and a pre-production model of the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB at the fork.

It was obvious that Ingo had lots of fun with the CLIMB elevating him up and down a ZWIFT course.

Watching Ingo going out of the saddle for a 20% indoor climb was very impressive.

A privilege to ride the CLIMB!

Before and around Eurobike 2017 Wahoo had given selected media representatives the chance to test ride the CLIMB. Shane Miller,, GNC and DC-Rainmaker all gave thumbs up for the new product.

During Eurobike only Wahoo staff was showcasing the tradeshow attraction …
and CylincClaude:-).

I bluntly had asked them to ride it with my own Litespeed T5. Surprisingly Wahoo said yes :-).

Look at my face. The CLIMB adds so much fun to virtual riding. At least two thumbs up for the CLIMB which is nearly a must have for the coming winter season.

The KICKR CLIMB will be available later this year at a retail price of USD 599.99.

But please note that it only works with the new KICKR 3 (2017) which is already in shops for USD 1,199.99 or the KICKR SNAP 2 (2017) which is available for USD 599.99.


At the Wahoo booth I was astonished at the low noise level of the new Wahoo KICKR SNAP. Although the SNAP is no direct drive trainer, it is surprisingly silent. If you don’t want to invest in the KICKR, go for the KICKR SNAP instead. Your family will love the reduced noise level.

ZWIFT alternative

While test riding the Wahoo KICKR SNAP I realized that I didn't do it with ZWIFT, but a beta version of a new software called Road Grand Tours. RGT is developing real routes from around the world that you can ride on your smart trainer.

Let’s see how this grows.

I got a test account yesterday and Leo, the CEO of Road Grand Tours, whom I met at the Wahoo booth, promised to program a Litespeed bike into the software, just for me but maybe also for you.

The following video gives you a first glance of the software. Although I talk in German, you can see what you get from RGT.

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Claude, 52, is a marketing manager from Germany, addicted to cycling. In his free time Claude runs a popular German language cycling blog. He enjoys long distance cycling on his Litespeed T5.

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